Fuelled by early Featherstone, and in particular Grant and Young ("Charge!" anyone??), kicked into stuttering life by the fine writing in "Battlegames" magazine, and the fine conversation on the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group, my painting and collecting for the War of the Spanish Succession (WSS, hereafter) started with a vengeance early in 2006....

Like the AWI collection, the WSS collection originated in a huge selection of unpainted (and some painted) lead, but this time gifted by a good wargaming buddy - Darrell Garwood (“DG”) - following his decision to go with 25mm instead of 15mm for his WSS project.

Darrell and I have been playing wargames in various periods for too long to care about, so given the armies will largely have originated from him, this page/project is dedicated to him!!

Cheers Darrell!

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  • 11th December - Major update to aid simpler navigation (see list of Pages at top) - I've taken the old sections and put each in it's own page. I've also added details of the "Raid on St Michel" campaign that DG and I played end 2009/beginning 2010 (see Game Reports)
  • 26th November - Game reports updated - "Sawmill Village" (see Game Reports)
  • 25th March - Game reports updated - "Holding Position" (see Game Reports)
  • 14th August - review of the Allied Army (see Armies, squadrons and regiments..)
  • 18th July - units table updated with the latest to leave the painting table, the Régiment de Saintonge
  • 23rd May - units table updated with the latest to leave the painting table, Regiment de Foix..
  • 1st September - books section updated, and new link to "Great Northern Wars" website added..
  • 29th June - new link added to the French Army resources - "Histoire de l'ancienne infanterie française" by Louis Susane is a superb collection of colour plates of the French Army of the Ancienne Regime. Also a link to an article on the Dutch Army. My thanks to the warsoflouisxiv blog (click here) for the "heads up" on these. Lovely!!
  • 21st May - units table updated with the latest to leave the painting table, number of new links added...
  • 10th April: Figures section updated - Black Hat cavalry added and a number of new comparison photo's.
  • 26th March - unit table updated
  • 13th February - new links added to resources (see right)
  • 8th December - details added to the "Figures" section on the new Black Hat figures. Price section also brought up to date (no change in prices since July!)
  • 4th December - three regiments added to the "Units" section below - Champagne, De Montreval & Hirzel
  • 10th November - sorted out the web links so as to add separate lists for French/Dutch and German armies... need to add some British Army links!
  • 14th July - details for Rechteren and Wyndhams added to "Units"...
  • 2nd July - major update - armies and units, game reports, also the figures section as I've taken delivery of some Essex Dragoons..
  • 9th May - books section updated (new novel), armies/regiments, and also a new link in the "resources" list to Hillsdale College's collection of primary sources - these are original documents in the ownership of the college that have been scanned to PDF format... the various de la Colonie files are excellent - just finished the one on Blenheim...
  • 16th February - books section updated with Belloc's "Tactics & Strategy of Great Duke Marlborough", also a link to one of his treatises on Malplaquet available free online. Further links added to the resources list...
  • 9th February - more links added to the resources list..
  • 29th January - Updated the Books section...
  • 22nd January - I've been finding a lot of fantastic web pages recently and rather than lose them, have added a "resources" list...
  • 9th January - games section updated - refight of the "Siege Train" teaser. template updated, contents re-vamped, details of Meredith's added to the "Armies, Squadrons and regiments" section...
  • 8th October - books section updated...
  • 3rd & 4th October: Re-hash and re-design of the layout - tidying up and breaking page down into more manageable chunks (largely transparent to my reading public I hope!)
  • 2nd Oct '07: Figure comparisons updated to show new Freikorps cavalry bought at Colours '07. Brought the prices up to date..