Fuelled by early Featherstone, and in particular Grant and Young ("Charge!" anyone??), kicked into stuttering life by the fine writing in "Battlegames" magazine, and the fine conversation on the Old School Wargaming Yahoo group, my painting and collecting for the War of the Spanish Succession (WSS, hereafter) started with a vengeance early in 2006....

Like the AWI collection, the WSS collection originated in a huge selection of unpainted (and some painted) lead, but this time gifted by a good wargaming buddy - Darrell Garwood (“DG”) - following his decision to go with 25mm instead of 15mm for his WSS project.

Darrell and I have been playing wargames in various periods for too long to care about, so given the armies will largely have originated from him, this page/project is dedicated to him!!

Cheers Darrell!